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Our Vision

Kaila Hou Medical Spa is committed to helping every client with their fitness and wellness goals. We have in our facility the capability to help each individual with our coaching system and different major modalities to create an individualized plan.

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3 Pillars of Wellness

Through the 3 pillars, we work with you to assess where your past health and wellness successes and failures were, where you are at present and create a plan to achieve your health and wellness goals.





About Us

We started Kaila Hou because we felt that people were looking for the results of a medical spa along with the wonderful feeling of a spa and the sustained results you would get when you have the wellness and coaching aspect of it. Kaila Hou in Hawaiian means "the most modern". All of our services are developed through the most current research and the products we offer are backed by science and clinically proven to ensure our clients receive the best results possible.